Guide  Overseas Education Consultants  Group is an innovative, progressive, successful and professionally managed group focused on one of the core sectors of the economy – Overseas Education.  Guide Overseas Group was established   in Hyderabad, India and is owned and managed by professionals with proven credentials in the Industry. Guide Overseas Education Consultants Group is an undisputed group company and a leader in terms of quality, innovative products and services.This is an overseas educational consultants organisation dedicated towards providing services to Students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them.

Guide Overseas Education Consultants is an overseas educational organisation dedicated to provide services to Students .
Guide Overseas Educational Consultants's counselors can guide students through the entire process .
To provide the highest quality services and support for its clients, in tune with its Quality Policy, objectives and values.
To become one of the most reputed and reliable names in Global Educational Industry and be recognized as the best in providing Career Guidance.

About Our Group

Guide Overseas Education Consultants Group acts as an internationally recognized support system for 21st century education for bridging the education divide. Guide Overseas Education Group recognizes that the Bachelor’s/Master’s programs by various foreign universities/colleges, professional development programs, and academic partnerships between foreign universities/colleges and Indian institutions are extremely useful in meeting the rapidly growing Indian educational needs. These programs contribute to the goal of preparing the students to compete in the global economy. Guide Overseas Education Consultants Group is working closely with more than 100 universities in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe to meet the ever-growing demand for overseas education.

Indian economy is transforming into an international power house requiring India to have the best possible educational opportunities for its citizens. Indian students are interested in degrees, diplomas, and certificates offered by foreign universities at the undergraduate and graduate levels because of the excellent career prospects they offer. This demand is reflected by the tens of thousands of students going to the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries every year for higher education.

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